Correct Ways of Garage Door Installation

A first look at all the parts and hardware of the garage door can make you confused. The huge pieces of hinges, metal tracks, rollers, cables, springs, struts, handles, panels, and a heap of screws, bolts, and nuts are enough to overwhelm the unskilled and inexperience worker.

The garage door is the biggest piece of equipment used in an average house. The huge weight and pressure of tensed parts can make it dangerous to accomplish so hiring a professional garage door service such as Ace Garage Door Repair in Houston is a good idea to keep you and your family safe.

To help you in the assembling process of a garage door, some garage door companies have started creating user-friendly garage door installation kits. They come with easy-to-understand instructions and all the safety precautions which should be followed. If you read the instructions carefully and make an effort to understand the procedures before doing anything with the garage door, it will be easier for you to conduct the project successfully. You should make yourself familiarized with the directions, and try to recognize all the parts and hardware then your project will become easier and simpler for you.

Garage Door

One rule of caution: You should consult a professional garage door expert for removing an existing garage door and installing a new one. The powerful springs that control the operations of the garage door are under a great amount of tension when the garage door is closed. The high amount of pressure becomes uncontrollable which can cause serious injuries. You must not try to cut the cables or springs without proper knowledge and tools.

After removing the old garage door, you would need to check the wooden frame around the garage door opening. Make sure the wood is not rotten or damaged at all. The new metal tracks of the garage door need to be fastened and secure to the solid frame. Therefore, the rotten wood should be replaced immediately. Smooth operations of garage doors need correctly aligned garage door tracks. Furthermore, the first section of the garage door must be placed to level because all the remaining sections will be stacked over the first section.

Make sure that you use authentic products and standardized hardware provided by trusted garage door suppliers. The bottom mounting brackets that are placed at the bottom of the garage door must be secured to the garage door. Avoid over-tightening the screws and bolts to avoid stripping. Garage door cables that are connected to the bottom brackets should be handled with care. These cables and springs are used to lift the weighted garage door.

The average weight of the garage door along with all the hardware can easily reach 1000 pounds or more. Hence it is important to take certain steps to make the garage door functional and long-lasting. Otherwise, the garage door starts to malfunction, get stuck on tracks, and may fall off the tracks causing serious injuries and critical damage.