DIY Garage Door Repair Techniques

Garage door repair projects can be difficult and dangerous to handle. If you are not a technical person and have doubts about your abilities, consult professional garage door repair services to fix the broken garage door for you.

You can indeed save some money and learn new skills by conducting DIY garage door repair jobs but the hospital bills due to the injuries sustained during the project won’t be worth those savings. It is strongly suggested that hire professional garage door services for garage door opener repair projects to be sure they will conduct safely.  

Type of garage door you are dealing with?

Some garage doors are constructed in a single solid piece while others come in multiple panels to run across the tracks. Some garage doors are operated manually while others used electric garage door openers. Consider these factors for inspecting the garage door. If you have an electric garage door opener, the malfunction could be with the garage door opener instead of the garage door itself. If your garage door is not running smoothly on the tracks then it could be a problem with the panels instead of the tracks. Learn more about the structure and mechanism of the garage door. Do your best to evaluate the condition and determine the problems with the garage door before you do anything because it could help in the project.

Check the hardware of the garage door:

Mounting brackets and hinges are used to hold metal tracks to the walls. Some screws and blots secure every part of the system in place. Loose moving hardware most likely won’t be obvious, so you will have to check them thoroughly to ensure that they are tightened securely. While performing this job, it is also good to give a good cleaning to mounting brackets and other components. If the screws attract the dirt then it can lodge itself in between the screws and blots then the mounting brackets become loosened again.

Inspect garage door tracks:

The metal garage door tracks are the components that guide the garage door along the walls and ceiling of the garage. These tracks could have accumulated grease and dirt inside of it that makes the garage door hard to go up and down. They also tend to become misaligned which could cause the garage door to stop on its midway while opening and closing. Wash the garage door tracks to remove the grease and dirt. Once they are cleaned, check the tracks using a level to ensure that they are not misaligned.

Inspect the garage door thoroughly:

Once you determined that garage door tracks are cleaned and aligned correctly and all moving hardware is secure in place but the garage door is still not functioning properly. In this situation, problems may lie with the structure of the garage door. It is good to inspect the panels, windows, weather sealing, and all the edges of the garage door. The edges of the panels are the parts that run along the tracks. If they break, the garage door will not run smoothly. If you have a wooden garage door, the breaks and cracks could be fixed using wood glue. If the panels are damaged badly, then replace the entire garage door with the help of professional garage door installers.