Great Tips to Reduce Garage Door Repair

Timely garage door repair is absolutely important because a malfunction, opened or broken garage door is a great security risk. Garage door repair projects often can be a hard and expensive matter. If you are able to deal with the minor garage door problems on your own, thereby preventing the expensive garage door repair calls.

If you are facing garage door problems and don’t know how to handle them, then take professional help. The following tips and techniques will help you to save a lot of money on garage door solutions. Your garage door should always be in a good working position or else you will face huge troubles and security threats. Click on the link to get more tips and tricks on how to reduce garage door repair costs by taking care of your garage door.

  • Keep the garage door clean and obstruct free to keep it running smoothly. Garage door runs on metal tracks that might become dented, clogged, or misaligned with dirt and debris over a time that should be cleaned properly. The hinges, rollers, and other moving hardware should be kept cleaned and lubricated with the help of any good quality lubricant or silicone spray. Don’t oil the chain, metal tracks, chain rail because it will attract more dirt and cause obstruction.
  • Clean the photo eye of sensors and realigned the sensors. These safety devices are installed at the bottom of garage door that can easily out of alignment due to continuous use. Misaligned sensor will give you signal through a blinking light. You can do it manually. Malfunctioning can happen when the sensors are obstructed due to any reason. Extreme moisture and dirt is common reasons for sensors blockage and malfunctioning.  
  • All loose components should be tightened securely. The loose moving hardware can create loud sounds when the electric garage door opener is in operation. Lubricate the chain and pulleys of opener. Be sure to disconnect the power supply from the unit before doing anything with it or else you might get injured.
  • Make some adjustment to garage door springs that loose their tension. These springs become loose over a time and as a result garage door does not open or close properly. Adjusting the limit switch of garage door will work to fix the issue and you could not need to change the springs completely. It is best to replace the old springs with the new one to distribute the pressure on motor.

The above-mentioned problems are common but you understood that they are quite easy to handle. You need to inspect the garage door hardware and its operating system every four to six months in order to ensure that it is in its good working position. It will help you to save a lot of garage door repair costs because you have avoided all of the problems. You should call a professional and reliable garage door technician in the case of major garage door problems.