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COVID-19 and Middletown, NY Self-Storage Units

You might be saying “what does self-storage have to do with a pandemic?” and you would be right to be confused. When something changes the way our entire society operates, there are a multitude of things that we can’t really foresee that will require solutions that previously were out of site and out of mind. Today we will talk about how self-storage is going to play such a role in the age of residence instability. If you are a student at Middletown colleges like Touro College and University System and SUNY Orange, you may be soon facing the need to move in the event of a total quarantine. If this happens, storing your items in Middletown, NY self-storage units until the virus wanes will be of importance to you.

Global Health Touches Us All

In a year that saw the tragic and untimely death of Kobe Bryant and a hotly contested presidential primary, Coronavirus or COVID-19 managed to become the story of 2020 very quickly. When the virus first began in China, it looked as if it would go the way of SARS, bird flu, or swine flu – which is to say that it would make an impact in Asia but peter out before it left the continent. That is not the case! COVID-19 quickly began infecting people in Europe at similar rates to China. As China began much stronger containment methods, many in America downplayed the importance of the virus to American health. Even the president and some media figures floated the idea that coronavirus was a hoax. Once the infections began to happen natively on the west coast, they all changed their tune.

The stock market has not reacted well to this denial and inaction. The DOW dropped incredibly and now the worst-case estimates are that we could be facing a 20% unemployment rate this year. Now we as a nation, for the most part, acknowledge we have a problem. The answer is a multi-pronged approach that involves a partnership between medical companies in the private sector and the federal government national healthcare apparatus to increase testing and treatment, coupled with “social distancing”. Social distancing is a change in human behavior that minimizes contact. Instructions are to avoid gatherings of more than 10 people and to keep at least 3 feet of distance between you and others. Also, the normal good hygiene practices also apply, so lots of hand washing!

Temporary Displacement and Storage

In the wake of all this, with colleges canceling classes, lots of out-of-state college students are being told to leave their dorms. Also, for those whose living conditions are very tenuous, the threat of eviction is coming up at the end of March. This means a lot of people are going to need to store their belongings in Middletown, NY self-storage units, and most likely, they are not prepared for this. In a time like this, self-storage is going to help people hold on until things improve.

One positive development is that some self-storage companies are making new efforts to accommodate this new wave of customers. Some are offering totally free 30-day storage for anyone affected by college closings. You should start calling Middletown, New York self-storage facilities now to inquire about capacity, rates, and coronavirus safety on their premises. As we have seen with the chaos at supermarkets for important items like toilet paper and dried foods, it is much better to get out ahead of the need before you are merely one of many attempting to use the same resource.   

One local self-storage facility, Storage Solutions USA, told us that they are following the guidelines of the CDC and World Health Organization to make their Middletown, New York self-storage units as safe as possible for their customers. They are wiping down surfaces in the offices and storage facilities more often than usual. This means they are sterilizing every door handle, desktop, light switch and keypad. Employees are all advised to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds throughout the day. They will also be placing hand sanitizer and gloves at key locations to minimize physical contact with surfaces. All employees are told to take time off if they feel any flu-like symptoms and customer service reps are told to use other greetings instead of handshakes. And as always, they say that customers can pay their bills online to completely eliminate unnecessary contact during these trying times. So far, they say there are no changes to their office hours or access times.  

Please be careful and mindful of those who are elderly or have compromised health.